Playmobil Novel More Big Castle of the Knights 70220

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 1001047222

Κατασκευαστής: Playmobil

Εγγύηση: 24 μήνες

Τιμή: 154,90

Αποστολή στο χώρο μου 4-10 ΗΜΕΡΕΣ

Παραλαβή από κατάστημα 4-10 ΗΜΕΡΕΣ

Large castle of artifact knights with a refined castle gate, integrated catapult, ballista, elevator and stone throw. A trapdoor carries Eindringline surprisingly into the dungeon. Through the wall breakthrough, the castle can be conquered. The castle is open at the back and can be recorded. With 4 figures

Manufacturer no. 70220
series Knights
parts 374 parts
Content / features 4 figures, 1 horse, 1 wolf, 2 rats, 2 swords, 1 knife, 2 shields, 2 ladders, tools, 1 telescope, 1 bucket of water, 1 piece of bone with meat, 2 tables, 1 stool, 1 wheelbarrow, 1 Throne, 1 Treasure Chest with Gold, 1 Circle, 1 Bag, 1 Letter, 1 Funnel with Jar, 6 Arrows, 4 Flags, 1 Candlestick, 1 Inkwell with Feather, 6 Stone Balls, 2 Books, 1 Wooden Box, 1 Picture, 1 Sextant, 1 anvil, 3 flagpoles, 1 tool box, 1 laboratory accessory, 1 wolf saddle, 1 parchment holder
Recommended age from 8 years
target group schoolchildren
material plastic
warnings Attention: Not suitable for children under 36 months!
  Caution: suffocation due to small parts!
dimension Width: 790 mm x height: 440 mm x depth / length: 570 mm
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Playmobil Novel More Big Castle of the Knights 70220
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